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Why Players Can’t Control Machines In Horizon Zero Dawn? Producer Explains

In Horizon Zero Dawn players are able to use the override ability to tame the machines that renders them harmless to the game’s protagonist, Aloy. However, some players have raised concerns over not being able to control the machines and Guerrilla Games has explained why it is not so.

Speaking with Kotaku, producer Samrat Sharma explained that overriding them does not change their functionality, only their allegiance.

If you look at the function of the machines, they all have a certain purpose within the game. You hacking them doesn’t change what they exist for, it just changes their allegiance. They stop looking at you as a threat and they look at the others who attack you as a threat. That’s the override. You haven’t changed their essential function: if they’re a watcher, they watch out; if they’re a steed they’ll run fast and if you’re on their back, so be it.

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He further explained that Guerrilla Games never even consider expanding on this override feature, because otherwise, the game might have lost its thematic impact.

I don’t think there was a time when we thought here’s a bigger system here, where you can point to stuff and give commands. Everything that made sense within the lore of the world, within the story we were trying to tell, we kept. Anything that distracted from it we put to the side…it would distract from the ethos of what we’re trying to tell you in the story, it wouldn’t add to the story–it would take away from it.

Also, Sony is planning to make the game’s protagonist, Aloy, the next PlayStation icon but Guerrilla Games has indicated that the sequel might feature another protagonist.

Horizon Zero Dawn is an open-world action RPG developed by Guerrilla Games exclusively for PlayStation 4.