Heroic Brawl Returns to Hearthstone, Hold on to That Gold!

Blizzard hopes that you will choose to spend your hard-earned gold when Heroic Brawl returns once again to Hearthstone later today.

This marks the second time that the mode has been featured in the game, following its inception last November. Players must pay an entrance fee of either 1000 Gold or $10, following which they will be allowed to create a deck from only Standard cards. It should be noted that the deck cannot be changed once it has been locked in.

Heroic Brawl offers various rewards, based on the number of wins earned against other players. For example, winning six games will net the player 250 Arcane Dust, 250 Gold, and seven card packs. However, winning 12 games will result in 1100 Arcane Dust, 110 Gold, 50 card packs, and three Golden Legendary cards. All card packs rewards will be from the recent expansion, Mean Streets of Gadgetzan.

Much like Arena, losing three matches will get you booted from Heroic Brawl. The player must then pay the exuberant sum again to get back in.

The rewards structure of the mode carries a lot of frustration for Hearthstone players. Considering the high entrance fee, it is improbable that majority of contenders will be able to break even at the end. Do note that winning just three games will net you nothing, which makes Heroic Brawl a very risky mode to spend in.

Incidentally, Blizzard is bringing back Heroic Brawl less than a month before the launch of its new expansion pack, Journey to Un’Goro. With everyone saving up for the new content, there really is no reason to throw away gold at this point. Rather, it should be spent for the new card packs.

Journey to Un’Goro will add a new gameplay mechanic to Hearthstone called Adapt, allowing players to choose from one of three options to modify a card before placing it on the board. Consider it as an improved version of the Discover gameplay mechanic.

The second new mechanic being added to the game is Quests. Only one of these Legendary cards can be added to a deck, and will always appear in the opening hand with a one-mana cost. Once played, the player will need to fulfill certain conditions to complete the quest. Doing so will summon an extremely powerful card with great rewards.