Hearthstone iOS Crashing Bug Will Be Patched Soon

Majority of the Hearthstone player-base on iOS may have already experienced a nasty bug that has been running rampant for the past couple of weeks.

Tapping the actions window to preview a card played by an opponent immediately crashes the game, forcing the player to scramble in the hopes of reconnecting before the system marks it off as a forfeit.

It is infuriating to be so close to victory and then having the game drop dead for no reason. Of course, players can remember to refrain themselves from previewing the cards of their opponents. However, muscle memory may come to play and an absentminded tap may occur nonetheless.

Following repeated requests of a fix, game producer Yong Woo confirmed earlier today that a remedy is on its way.

“If all goes well the optional patch will be available for everyone very soon,” he wrote on Reddit.

In addition, the developer is advising players to keep their hand of cards minimized. Hearthstone crashes on iOS specifically when a player’s hand is up and they tap on the opponent’s played card.

Elsewhere, the Android version of Hearthstone is also suffering from sound issues where players are barred from listening to their music while playing a game. Launching the Hearthstone application automatically disables any music application in the background. This wasn’t the case before and only began occurring with a recent patch.

Unfortunately for the Android player-base, the fault lies in the engine. Blizzard must upgrade its game engine before the problem can be fixed. For now, the developer has shelved the idea because it carries too much work.

“We are planning on it later in the year though,” assured Woo.

Blizzard hopes that you will choose to spend your hard-earned gold when Heroic Brawl returns once again to Hearthstone later today. It is advised that you save your currency for the new expansion pack, Journey to Un’Goro, which is scheduled to arrive early next month.