Destiny’s Age of Triumph Will Revive Old Raids Starting March 28

If you’ve been one of those people that want another challenge in Destiny’s raids, you’re in luck. Destiny’s Age of Triumph will be reviving the older raids and bringing them up to the current standard when the Age of Triumph update hits March 28.

The Age of Triumph will be the last event until Destiny 2.

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Destiny’s first two raids, Vault of Glass and Crota’s Fall, were seen as the pinnacle of achievements in the game until they began to be left in the dust by Year 2. Atheon and Crota are now the butts of jokes, rather than the powerful threats that they were in the original game.

Destiny’s Age of Triumph update, however, will now allow them to put up a fight with Guardians again.

All of the upgraded raids will now require a player’s Light to be at 390 in order to challenge them, meaning that the players in question will have to get the best gear possible to even have a chance at defeating Atheon or Crota again.

Considering how many players have been able to do that over the past few years, however, they won’t lack for challengers.

The Age of Triumph update won’t be increasing its Light cap from the 400 that it has had since Rise of Iron came out.

However, players completing the raids will still get great rewards from them. For instance, players that have been longing for the return of the powerful Vex Mythoclast gun will be able to get it from the raid and have it be at 400 Light, not requiring any infusing at all.

Destiny’s Age of Triumph will also have its own 13-page Record Book, allowing you to go through the game as much as you want to try and get as many achievements in the game as you can until Destiny 2 comes out late this year.

More details will likely be coming until Age of Triumph actually starts, but in the meantime there’s already a lot of information to look forward to.