Shadow of War Gameplay Footage Shows A Deeper RPG System, Improved Nemesis Mechanics And Drake Riding

Monolith promised Shadow of War gameplay footage will be revealed on 8th March and now they have delivered on their promise.

The first Shadow of War gameplay footage, 16 minutes of it, was released little over an hour ago and it is amazing to say the least.

The gameplay footage not only focuses on new features added to the game but also numerous changes and upgrades to Nemesis system which made Shadow of Mordor such an amazing game.

Above all else, the Shadow of War gameplay walkthrough has also confirmed the theory from a few days ago that players will be able to ride drakes and use them in combat.

The gameplay video shows Talion with a huge army of his own raiding an enemy Fortress which features multiple mini-bosses and one final boss, the Overlord, which must be defeated in order to take over the stronghold.

Once again in Shadow of War, the Nemesis system will create unique and dynamic enemies for the players to encounter and through the course of the game, enemies and allies will continue to evolve through their battle experience.

The footage also showed another interesting new addition to the gameplay mechanics. Instead of runes like in Shadow of Mordor, the RPG system in Shadow of War has been deepened and killing bosses will now also drop really good-looking armor stats with various benefits.

Just like in the original game, players can promote orcs from their ranks to become warchief, or even the overlord after conquering a fortress.

The Nemesis system has been further revamped to allow for more opportunities and Talion’s controlled orcs aren’t just meatbags any more and can play very important roles such as spies among the enemy ranks.

Since the Shadow of War gameplay was taken from an alpha build of the game, there were some issues here and there but it is to be expected.

Hopefully, Shadow of War will be much more polished by the time it releases in August this year for PS4, Xbox One and PC.