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Players Are Abusing the Overwatch Game Browser for XP and Loot Boxes

The server browser for Overwatch was originally intended to give players the freedom of creating custom games with their own rules and modes. It has been barely a week but the community has figured out an ulterior motive for spending time in the lobby.

Spotted by PVP Live, players are abusing the game browser to gain experience points and loot boxes by doing nothing more than just sitting idle.

They are called “experience farming servers” and can be joined by anyone. Once inside, players leave their games for the duration of the skirmish to get free experience points. By doing so, they also receive loot boxes at the end. In addition, the game automatically refreshes upon concluding. Hence, going idle for a long period of time means multiple levels and loot boxes.

This abuse is limited to the custom lobby because the normal, competitive, and arcade game modes of Overwatch feature an inactivity period. Sitting idle for a brief period of time will kick you from the server. The feature, however, is not present for custom games.

Since the issue has been brought to Blizzard’s attention, it is likely that the developer will patch the game browser soon to punish idle players. At present, a player earns 7,000 experience points for every 30 minutes. Combine that with three loot boxes from arcade, with the refreshing mechanism, and a player can enjoy an abundance of rewards by the end of the day.

The browser system was introduced last week across all three platforms. However, PlayStation 4 players are prohibited from renaming their custom games. This leads to tremendous confusion because every game in the lobby appears identical to one another, showing up as just a list of player-names. According to the developer, Sony needs to approve the feature before it can be brought out for the Overwatch player-base on PlayStation 4.