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NieR Automata Eve Boss Battle Guide – How to Defeat, Tips and Strategies

NieR Automata Eve Boss Battle Guide to help you defeat the Eve with our effective boss battle tips and strategies.

One of the coolest things about NieR Automata Eve Boss Battle is that it plays like a fighting game duel i.e. in a side-scroller style. The boss has quite a few hard-hitting attacks but you shouldn’t be concerned if you have good dodge timing.

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NieR Automata Eve Boss Battle Guide

In our NieR Automata Eve Boss Battle Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about exploiting the boss’s weaknesses and completing this boss fight.

NieR Automata Eve Boss Battle

As soon as you see the boss transform into a worm-like creature, continue strafing left or right in order to avoid any damage. Eve has three types of kicks which are explained below:

  • Upper Kick – An extremely high kick which has little range
  • Double Kick – Has little to no range and can be dodged without difficulty
  • Downward Kick – Jumps in the air and comes crushing down with an energy-charged kick

He also has a barrier against both of your ranged and melee attacks. Once the barrier is lifted, he tries to counter you for a short duration of time. You need to dodge as soon as you see the barrier released.

He can also create pillars directly under your position. The attack is well-telegraphed by a white light and deals a massive amount of damage. Immediately dodge away as soon as you see the white light near your position.

Lastly, if you move too far away from him, he’ll start shooting at you which is something you can counter by getting close to him. Overall, it’s not a difficult fight as long as stick to these simple-to-follow strategies.

This is all we’ve on our NieR Automata Eve Boss Battle Guide. If there’s anything else you’d like to add, let us know in the comments section below!