The Division Getting Loadout Feature Soon

Loadout feature has been requested by The Division’s player base since its launch and after almost a year Ubisoft will finally be adding it to the game.

Speaking with GameRant, The Division Creative Director Julian Gerighty talked about the studio’s year 2 plans for The Division and giving players more ways to interact with its systems, starting with the loadout feature.

However, he did not reveal how the loadout feature will work in the game but said that players will soon learn more about it.

A few things we’ll go into more detail about during the livestream are loadouts, and specific loadout slots that we’ll be able to provide players so they can switch from one preferred loadout to another to match a particular situation. Another one is feats, which will reward players within the game with unique patches and vanity items that shows these players have achieved a certain level of confidence within the game. We see these as our very own Division achievements.

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It seems that Ubisoft Massive is listening to the fan feedback and making changes to the game according to it.

Ubisoft is also working on The Division movie that will star Jake Gyllenhaal in the leading role. During a recent meeting with the investors, Ubisoft Yves Guillemot talked about the movie.

According to Yves, the movie is coming along good and it’s too early to talk about a release window. Also, Gyllenhaal will not only star in The Division movie but he will also produce the movie himself.

The Division movie will be directed by Oscar-winner Stephan Gaghan whose credits includes the critically acclaimed Syriana.

The Division is a third-person action shooter developed by Ubisoft Massive for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.