League of Legends Teleport Tweaks Will Help Avert Misclicks

The Teleport summoner spell is receiving slight tweaks with a future League of Legends patch to make it easier for use in messy situations.

Posting on the official forums, senior champion quality analyst Riot Exgeniar explained how players can find it bothersome to teleport into team fights.

With multiple champions piling on to each other, it can prove difficult to locate the hidden ward in-between. As such, the slightest of delays can mean a shift in the tide of battle. In addition, teleporting by directly clicking on the mini-map can also be a gamble in certain scenarios.

To curb the frustration, Riot Games is changing how Teleport works.

  • Teleport will look for nearby valid teleport targets when you cast it
  • To protect against fat fingering or accidental casts, this only applies if the target location is 2000+ units away
  • No longer buffers spells during teleport

The changes are scheduled to arrive on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) later today. As always, the developer is open to feedback and suggestions. If there are no issues, the changes will go live for League of Legends with Patch 7.7, early next month.

Speaking of PBE updates, there is an abundance of new content and changes to go through. Firstly, the highly anticipated Galio rework was included earlier today. His entire kit has been changed alongside his character model, visual effects, animations, voice-overs and splash art. The same goes for all of his skins. He’s scarcely recognizable as the old gloomy champion we used to know in League of Legends.

Shortly after, four new skins were added to celebrate April Fool’s Day. Thirdly, Riot Games will soon be bringing minor buffs for a range of champions to make them healthier in the jungle.

The changelog for the new Patch 7.5 was uploaded today as well, revealing changes for keystones and masteries, among other things.