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Next Month’s League of Legends Patch Will Address “Struggling Junglers”

At least six League of Legends champions will receive healthy buffs in the next patch to help improve their daily routines in the jungle.

Posting on the official forums, lead gameplay designer Riot Meddler confirmed that Patch 7.6 will address “struggling junglers” who are currently finding it hard to compete against other more favorable champions in the role.

Nunu, Fiddlesticks, Nidalee, Amumu, Jarvan and Volibear are among the first batch of champions to receive the changes, which should arrive on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) today. The developer also confirmed that it is looking into a “range of champions” who commonly jungle but have fallen out of the meta over time. The aforementioned champions are only the first subset of a larger group.

Some of the incoming changes include Nidalee’s W (Bushwhack) prioritizing big monsters over smaller ones and Fiddlesticks getting bonus damage on E (Dark Wind) against monsters. In addition, W (Golden Aegis) of Jarvan IV is being improved in terms of scaling and Nunu’s passive (Consume) is being buffed. More information will be shared with the community soon.

As evident, the buffs will not improve them on a whole but are only intended to make their jungling routines more efficient.

Last night, the Public Beta Environment (PBE) was updated to include a new batch of skins to celebrate the upcoming April Fool’s Day. Most importantly, the long-awaited Galio rework is finally up for testers and will be rolled out for live servers later this month.

Galio’s entire kit has been changed alongside his character model, visual effects, animations, voice-overs and splash art. The same goes for all of his skins. He’s scarcely recognizable as the old gloomy champion we used to know in League of Legends.