League of Legends Patch 7.5 Changes to Keystones and Summoners

As revealed last week on the Public Beta Environment (PBE), today’s new League of Legends Patch 7.5 brings significant changes to three keystone masteries.

Bone of Stone has been replaced with Stoneborn Pact, granting the player bonus maximum health. In addition, executing any crowd-control abilities on enemy champions will automatically heal allies when they attack the impaired target.

The mark from Stoneborn Pact can stack on enemy champions, with allies gaining additional healing from the strongest one.

Stoneborn Pact

  • [New] Stone Skin: Gain 5% maximum health
  • [New] Hey, Listen: Your movement impairing effects effects mark enemy champions with an earthen rune that heals other allied champions who basic-attack them for 5 (+2.5% of your maximum health) over 2 seconds. The mark lasts 4 seconds.
  • Ground Rules: If an enemy is marked by multiple Stoneborn Pacts, allies heal from the strongest mark that’s not their own
  • [Removed] Bond of Fossil: Bond of Stone has been removed

Deathfire Touch has lost its attack-damage ratio, ending up as a significant nerf for League of Legends champions like Varus and Miss Fortune who rely on their constant spam of attacks to deal sustained damage. However, the keystone mastery will not affect mages or champions who rely on magic damage.

Deathfire Touch

  • Bonus AD Ratio: 60 percent ⇒ 45 percent

Warrior’s Bloodlust has been changed to function similarly like Kircheis Shard and Statikk Shiv. Players become “energized” as they move and attack. When the energy levels reach maximum capacity, the keystone mastery grants increased movement speed and damage on the next basic attack.

Warrior’s Bloodlust

  • [Removed] Minion Battery: Basic attacks no longer gain up to 15% life-steal based on your missing health. 50% effective against minions for melee champions (25% for ranged champions)
  • [New] Take My Energy: Moving or attacking will make an attack Energized. Your energized attacks have life-steal and grant 30% movement speed for 0.75 seconds.
  • Life-Steal at Level 1: 1 percent
  • Life-Steal at Level 18: 50 percent

As a surprise change, Patch 7.5 takes away two important aspects from Exhaust. The summoner spell no longer reduces attack speed and resistances of an enemy champion. The spell now only reduces movement speed and the damage dealt by the target while exhausted.

The League of Legends community is likely to express great disappointment in the nerf. Following the recent Assassins Update, many champions like Talon and Kennen can enter a fray to blow up the opposing side. Exhaust helped in creating a small window of opportunity to prevent such scenarios.


  • [Removed] Attack Speed Reduction: No longer reduces target’s attack speed by 30%
  • [Removed] Resistance Shred: No longer reduces target’s armor and magic resist by 10