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Japanese Developers Are Interested In Project Scorpio According To Phil Spencer

Last month, Xbox head Phil Spencer visited Japan to meet up with some third party publishers. Now that he is back, he sent out a tweet suggesting the trip was probably a success.

Answering a question on his official Twitter, Phil Spencer mentioned that many Japanese developers have expressed interest in Project Scorpio and Xbox One.

With the cancellation of Scalebound, it is understandable that Microsoft will once again try to enter the Japanese market with another exclusive from Japanese developers/publishers. He couldn’t however share specific details of the trip or the games he previewed there.

Spencer’s decision to head to Japan for more developers and publishers to partner up with has clearly been influenced with the highly successful launch of Final Fantasy XV and considering how Sony continues to build up its exclusives portfolio, Microsoft needs to do the same by attracting developers from not only the western market but also the east.

Scalebound, directed by Hideki Kamiya, was going to be that game which would finally breach the Japanese market and help Xbox in the region but with its cancellation, that plan went down the drain too.

Considering how Sony is now pretty much unchallenged when it comes to new IPs and exclusives, it would be interesting to see how Microsoft plans to counter them with something new besides their trinity of Halo, Gears and Forza franchises.

With E3 2017 coming up, hopefully there will be some more Japanese game reveals during the event with support for the upcoming Project Scorpio console. Since Phil Spencer has previously confirmed that no new Gears of War or Halo game will be shown at E3, maybe that extra time will be spent with these third party publishers and developers.

Despite Phil claiming that Xbox is having its best generation, the apparent lack of exclusives (especially if you have a gaming PC) is forcing many to come up with a reason to invest in Xbox One or even Project Scoprio.