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Ghost Recon Wildlands Tips – Loadouts, Skills, Multiplayer and Co-op

Ghost Recon Wildlands is the latest from Ubisoft and with a massive open world, Ghosts will have their hands full. Thankfully, our Ghost Recon Wildlands tips will help you do better as a Ghost.

The massive open world features a number of activities for the players and although there are some exploits that help you complete missions more easily, the game in general presents a decent amount of challenge. We won’t be discussing the exploits today, but we do have the following Ghost Recon Wildlands tips for you.

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Ghost Recon Wildlands Tips

Do Not Ignore the Tacmap
While in most of open world games we just ignore the map and roam around without giving a damn, in Wildlands it is actually useful to keep an eye to the map from time to time. The very first thing you need to do after you get inside the game is look at your Tacmap and soak in as much information as possible. Trust me, there is a lot to take in.

As you unlock more areas and complete missions, more icons will start to appear on your map so pay attention to what they are. Do not ignore the Tacmap in Ghost Recon Wildlands.

Streamline Your Loadout
When you get inside the game after creating your character, you roam around Bolivia and take down the cartel. However, before you do any of that you need to streamline/optimize your loadout. Not all weapons will be available to you from the get go but whatever options you do have, use them wisely and select the items most suited for your style of gameplay.

It is much more efficient than adjusting your loadout in the middle of a mission.

Tag ’em Hard
Roaming around in Bolivia, you will find a large number of supplies throughout. The best course of action is to tag them all. You can find Fuel, Medicine, Food, and Communication Supplies. Interact with the supplies to tag them.

Be Skillful
Skills in Ghost Recon Wildlands are your best friends. Spend your points toward upgrading your skills. Keep in mind that upgrade your skills according to your playstyle. If are like to be stealthy, upgrade skills according to your need. Apart from base skills there are also Epic Skills that give massive boosts so work toward getting your hands on them.

Fast Travel
Wildlands has a really huge map and sometime getting around in a vehicle becomes annoying. Thankfully, there are fast travel points in the game that will help you get around much faster. However, fast travel points need to be unlocked and the only way to do that is find Rally Points around the map.

Find as many as you can to make life easier in Bolivia.

Collect Collect and Collect
There are many collectible in the game and I believe there is an achievement associated with gathering collectables. If you are an achievement hunter, it is best to gather as many as you can during your first playthrough.

If you come across something, pick it up. It is unlikely that you will be able to collect them all the first time. Collecting them also give you XP that is used to level up your character.

You can speak with civilians and get information on collectibles.

Main Story Matters
Another great way to level up in the game is complete the story missions. Although there are other activities in the game, the main story should not be ignored, Completing the main missions will unlock more side missions and bonus activities that will help you level up your character.

Focus on Rebel Side Missions
Keep in mind that that you don’t have to walk in a straight line. Completing main missions at once, keep branching off to other activities such as the rebel side missions. It not only allows you to collect rewards but XP as well to level up and unlock rebel support skills in the game.

Multiplayer Fast Travel
Similar to The Division, players can fast travel on other players during multiplayer. This only works when you are not engaged in combat. It is a very useful feature to have and allows you to quickly reach your partner’s position.

Use Co-Op for Main Missions
Just like The Division, you can complete main missions with your friends. The AI partners will always remain by your side and once another player joins the game, he/she will take over one of the AIs.

You Can Pay for Boosts
Leveling up is made easy with boosters which are at your disposal if you preordered the game or are willing to pay for XP boosters via in-game store. Keep in mind that boosters will only last for a limited amount of time.

Be Prepared
No matter how good you are as a Ghost, it is unwise to go into a mission unprepared. Do a proper recon and mark enemies before you move in. Depending on the nature of the mission make sure your loadout is suitable for the scenario.

Do Not Provoke Unidad Soldiers
Unidad Soldiers are the country’s army and the more you engage them and kill, the tougher they get the next time. More petrols and more boots of the ground. They will start shooting you on sight if matters get worse. Try to avoid engaging them too much.

Use AI Partners
Give them command or they will prove to be useless. The Ghosts by your side need directions, otherwise, they will not be as effective in combat. Mark your targets and sync your shots with your partners.