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Call of Duty 4 Variety Map Pack Coming To Modern Warfare Remastered

Call of Duty fans can expect a better choice in maps in the next few weeks. Raven Software has announced that a Call of Duty 4 Variety Map Pack is going to be coming to Modern Warfare Remastered on March 21. The four different maps it contains will add in some new multiplayer challenges.

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The first map, called “Broadcast” is based on the mission “Charlie Don’t Surf” from the game’s campaign mode, where players go into the news station where Khaled Al-Asad is supposedly hiding.

A mix of confined corridors and wide-open spaces, firefights in this map will likely be highly destructive. Computer and television screens will explode and spark all over the place as grenades and bullets hit them.

Next in the Call of Duty 4 Variety Map Pack is the “Chinatown” map. A foggy street lit up by neon signs and a full moon, the map is a re-imagining of the “Carentan” map from the original Call of Duty game.

Nearly every building on the map can be occupied, providing endless ambush opportunities.

Next is “Creek.” This map takes place in a village ravaged by war, divided in half by a large ravine where concealment is the difference between life and death.

There are also open clearings below sheer cliff faces, and forests to provide cover during firefights.

The last map in the Call of Duty 4 Variety Map Pack is called “Killhouse,” a map that takes place in a small warehouse that has both soft (meaning not very good cover i.e. sheet metal and plywood) and hard cover (stone and other things) for you to hide behind. The map promises fast-paced and hectic firefights.

The Call of Duty 4 Variety Map Pack won’t be available until March 21, so players have a good amount of time to try and practice with other maps. The pack will be available for $14.99 or your regional equivalent, and you’ll also get ten rare supply drops as an added bonus.