Nintendo Switch Launch Issues Compiled In A Handy Video

Nintendo Switch launch has been far from perfect and a recent 12 minute video, Crowbcat highlights the most, if not all of the issues faced by Nintendo’s latest console, in a hilarious way.

While every new console and hardware can have issues at launch, Nintendo Switch launch seems to be showing a really ugly side of this handheld-hybrid console.

The console hasn’t even been out for a week and there are already reports of dead pixels, artifacts and even the entire console dying resulting in users being forced to get a replacement.

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Crowbcat has compiled most of these issues, as pointed out by numerous users, in his video alongside clips from Nintendo’s various presentations boasting about the capabilities of Switch.

All the issues encountered during Nintendo Switch launch have been well documented and there are even DIY solutions available for some of them.

For some of the other issues like the blue screen of death, it seems like there is no fix.

Judging by the issues plaguing the console, one can’t help but wonder whether there was any QA testing done on the console prior to launch. One of the most touted features and essential component of the console, Joycons, have been having issues as well resulting in constant desync.

Combine these issues with other silly design choices like no cloud saves or save imports, it is no surprise that despite a huge demand for the console, the launch week sales still paled in comparison to launch weeks of both Xbox One and PS4.

Hopefully, most of these issues will be resolved soon and Nintendo fans will be able to enjoy the impressive library which the new console has promised.

One of Nintendo Switch’s launch titles, Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild received stellar reviews from all outlets so hardware issues shouldn’t result in poor sales of software resulting in the console dying just like WiiU did.