Nintendo Switch Does Support USB Keyboards If You Are Interested

Folks at GameXplain have made a lot of tests with Nintendo Switch and they’ve found out a very interesting feature. According to them, the Switch console supports USB Keyboards.

At the current state, you won’t find yourself using the keyboard + Nintendo Switch combo so often, but it gets very useful in case of renaming photos/videos and stuff like that, especially since the console doesn’t have a browser to surf the net.

Do you find this feature helpful?

Tell us what you think in the dedicated comments section below!

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Some users, however, aren’t having a happy time with the Nintendo Switch. Reddit user called SupportDevil has started a thread called  “Anyone got the Bluescreen, Already mine died a sec ago”, that also included a picture of the console.

According to him, when playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, his Nintendo Switch has stopped working, showing a blank screen and making a lot of noise.

He has then tried to reboot and do a hard reset, but the console ended up showing the notorious blue screen of death.

It seems that there’s no fix for this issue right now, so the only thing you can do is to call your seller and ask for a replacement.

One more important topic regards how to add friends on Switch. After the console’s launch, Nintendo has introduced the friend codes, one of the oldest, and less appreciated, features by the company. Basically, you need to ask people for their codes in order to add them (just like previous consoles) and the worst part is you can’t add more than 300 friends.

We don’t know whether Nintendo will remove the limit or not, but in the meantime you can do nothing except use the console at its best.

Nintendo Switch is available worldwide.