League of Legends Team Fires Coach, Gets Fined for Having No Coach

There is a bit of hilarity to be found in the latest competitive ruling passed for the professional League of Legends circuit of Brazil.

Just before the weekend, KaBum! Esports fired its head coach Vinicius “Neki” Ghilardi as part of an ongoing organizational restructuring process. However, since the team’s League of Legends roster was already locked for the next two weeks of competitive play, KaBuM is unable to bring in a new coach. Though, it remains to be confirmed as to whether a replacement has been found.

One particular rule that all professional League of Legends teams must adhere to is that a coach needs to be present at the venue at all times during a game.

“The organization KaBuM e-Sports violated item 3.4 of the regulation of the Season 2017 and will be penalized,” reads the competitive ruling.

Hence, KaBuM! has been fined the sum of R$ 1,000 (around $320) for every game it plays from hereon without a coach present. The current scheduled states that KaBuM! has two games lined up until the deadline has passed. That would put the fine at R$ 2,000 (around $640). The penalty fine is likely to be increased in the future if the team fails to assign a coach once it is able to do so.

It is possible that the organization could have waited a couple of weeks before firing its coach. According to reports, there was some sort of heated disagreement over contracts, forcing Neki to make an early exit.

Riot Games noted that KaBuM! was warned in advance about the no-coach ruling. However, the team chose to do so anyway and agreed to pay any penalty fine as a result.