League of Legends Galio Rework Got Leaked, Here’s His New Kit

The League of Legends community might not have to wait that long to know about the new abilities of Galio, following his major rework.

A couple of hours back, Chinese footage was leaked online which showcased the entire kit of the champion. While Riot Games took it down soon after, it wasn’t before PVP Live jotted down the necessary details.

Do note that the footage was without any narration and every ability had to be deciphered through visual cues alone. Hence, it is likely that several details were missed or some aspects were read wrong.

After a brief period of time, Galio slams the ground with both firsts, dealing damage in a small area. It is uncertain as to whether Galio has to refrain from attacking or being attacked in order to gain the passive.

Galio spreads his wings to blast two gusts of wind that deal damage while moving forward. When both gusts converge at the end, a tornado is formed that deals bonus damage to targets caught within, and continue to do so for a couple of seconds.

Galio suffers from reduced movement speed while charging a circular gust of wind. Enemies caught within the circle are taunted.

Galio jumps back to charge forward in a straight line, damaging minions along the way and knocking up the first enemy champion hit.

Galio takes to the skies and lands behind an allied champion, shielding them and knocking up all nearby enemy champions.

In addition, it appears that Galio boasts an ability power shield that is added to his health bar. The numbers on that are probably taken from magic resistance, gained from items.

Earlier today, Riot Games released a short clip to tease the stone guardian. It showcased his Q, E, and ultimate ability. With his new kit already leaked, the League of Legends developer might have to make an official announcement very soon.