Horizon: Zero Dawn Accused of Being Racist Based on Different Tribes

It’s very common for videogames to be accused of influencing people in a negative way, and this time it’s Horizon: Zero Dawn facing the blame. Tribes in the game are described with terms such as “braves”, “savages”, and “primal”, and according to writer Dia Lacina, they can give a bad portrait of Native Americans, encouraging racism against these people.

But Guerrilla hasn’t been silent as narrative designer John Gonzales has responded on Twitter to Lacina’s criticism.

Gonzales has stated that team has worked very hard during the process of creation of the tribes, and a lot of research has been made. They’ve taken inspiration from different tribal people and cultures, and, as a result, many think that Aloy is a viking rather than a native american.

Furthermore, Gonzales has said that the term “braves” has been used with a positive sense, as it gives the idea of a tribe of warriors.

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We aren’t here to say who’s right and who’s not. On the contrary, we think that debating can help people understanding each other. In this regard, what do you think about the question?

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Horizon: Zero Dawn released few days ago, however, the team has already talked about its sequel. As stated by Guerrilla Games, Horizon: Zero Dawn 2 could feature a different protagonist since there are a lot of people and tribes in the universe of the game. In addiction to that, some of the unsolved mysteries found in the first chapter might return in the next games.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is already available for PlayStation 4.