Ghost Recon Wildlands Unlock Times On PC Revealed By Ubisoft

Since Ghost Recon Wildlands is coming out tomorrow, Ubisoft has started to unveil the Ghost Recon Wildlands unlock times for when it becomes available to play on PC. Players will take on the role of Ghost Recon operatives in Bolivia as they take down a drug cartel.

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People that live on the West Coast of the United States will be getting the game earliest on the PC, as with Pacific Standard Time on the Ghost Recon Wildlands unlock times, the game will unlock at 9 PM tonight.

Players on the East Coast of the United States will be getting it at midnight tonight.

If you live in England, in Greenwich Mean Time, players will be getting the game at 5 AM, and if you live in the Central European Time zone you’ll be getting it at 6 AM.

If you live in the time zone of Russia where you’re part of Moscow Standard Time, you’ll be getting it at 8 AM.

While there are likely a number of other time zones that players are going to be dealing with when the game comes out, you can take a look at the website to see the official Ghost Recon Wildlands unlock times.

Keep in mind that these are all on PC, however, so if you want the console version of the game you’ll have to wait until March 7, when it actually releases.

Ghost Recon Wildlands is an open-world third person shooter game where either one player or four can join a team of special ops soldiers in Bolivia.

The Ghosts are there in order to bring down the drug cartel that has taken over the country, and will be encountering a wide variety of drug bosses with different personalities and roles in the cartel.

Ghost Recon Wildlands will be available for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.