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Galio’s Rework Allows Him to Dive-Attack in League of Legends

The extensive rework of Galio has stripped the stone guardian of gloom and melancholy, breathing new life into the League of Legends champion.

Following a beautiful teaser from last week, Riot Games followed by releasing a new video earlier today to show Galio’s transformation on the Rift.

The developer has certainly outdone itself with the champion’s visual makeover. He’s scarcely recognizable as the same character. His webbed wings have been replaced with sharper extensions, toned in pure gold, while his entire body is now encased in shiny marble.

The footage also shows us some of his new abilities. Firstly, Galio has gained the power to charge into enemy targets and send them flying into the air. Secondly, he can unleash gusts of wind that form tornadoes when colliding with each other.

Thirdly, the reworked Galio can take to the skies before diving down on a targeted area for a massive attack. According to product manager Riot Reav3, it is one of Galio’s most important skills. Much like Shen, he can target allies to give them a shield and also knock-up surrounding enemies on impact. The range is “very far” but not global.

Furthermore, Riot Games explained that the rework has not scrapped Galio’s signature taunt. However, the effects of R (Idol of Durand) have been moved to no longer be an ultimate ability.

Specifics on his entire kit and how he could change the current League of Legends meta should arrive later this week. For the time being, the developer believes that the reworked Galio will be a favorite pick for mid or top lane.

Previously, Riot Games stated that “Galio will likely be our largest transformation to date”. The developer also promised that Gatekeeper Galio, the champion’s legendary skin and one of the first ones to hit the game, will also be shown some extra love. That aspect was teased in today’s footage as well.