AMD Naples To Come Out In Second Quarter Of 2017, 32 Cores 64 Threads Correspondence

Reports claim that AMD Naples will be coming out in the second quarter of 2017. This is not the official announcement of the product that is why we still do not know what the final name for the CPU will be but we do have some new details to share with you.

AMD Naples

The AMD Naples server-grade CPU will have 32 cores, 64 threads, and the following features:

  • “X64” (AMD64) expanded to a 64-bit architecture while maintaining compatibility with x86 CPU adopting 32-bit architecture
  • Virtualization technology for x64 CPU “AMD-V”
  • X86 series heterogeneous multiprocessor plan “Fusion” and its fruitful APU
  • “Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA)” mechanism for exchanging data at high speed while maintaining consistency of memory space between different processors such as CPU and GPU
  • A processor that integrates a memory controller on the CPU side

AMD Naples

AMD Naples will also feature Simultaneous Multi-threading technology. According to Mr. Forrest Norrod (Forest Norrod) who supervised the server division at AMD:

“It is the first time for x86 CPUs to integrate 32 cores in one chip”

AMD Naples CPUs will also support DDR4 RAM. Maximum of 256 GB will be supported. Maximum frequency for the RAM will be 2400 MHz. AMD Naples will also support PCIe 3.0 compatibility which means that it is possible that AMD Radeon Instinct GPUs will be compatible with these CPUs.

AMD Naples

Dual AMD Naples CPUs can be used on a server which means that there will be a total of 64 cores 128 threads.

AMD Naples Vs Xeon E 5 – 2699 A V 4 Benchmarks

AMD Naples

The following test was used to compare the two CPUs:

“to read and calculate about 1 billion vector data managed with 500 × 1408 × 1408 three dimensional array”

Here we can see that the Naples CPU is able to do the calculations before the Intel counterpart. Click here for more benchmarks.

Let us know what you think about AMD Naples and how it fairs against Intel counterparts.