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Windows 10 Game Mode Early Benchmarks Reveal Little To No Performance Improvement

One of the important features of the Windows 10 Creators Update is the Windows 10 Game Mode which is supposed to increase the performance of games on Windows 10 by better allocating resources and shutting down programs that use up resources, running in the background.

Windows insiders are able to get a preview of features before time and it seems that the Windows 10 Game Mode offers little to no improvement when it comes to gaming.

At least that is what early tests show us and it is important to note that the feature is still being worked on and there might be a few changes between now and when the update goes live.

The following are the benchmarks concerning the Windows 10 Game Mode that we wanted to share with you:

Windows 10 Game Mode

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Testing reveals that Windows 10 Game Mode comes in handy when things are going wrong which means that the feature will increase the minimum FPS but will have little to no difference when it comes to maximum and average FPS.

This does seem a bit misleading as we thought that there would be a bump in performance in average FPS and not minimum FPS. Well optimized games do not stoop to low when it comes to frames anyways so there is little use of having a dedicated game mode that will increase the minimum FPS.

We will be seeing this feature coming to the Xbox One as well as Project Scorpio, once it comes out.

Although this mode claims to improve gaming, I do not think people will pay much attention to it as the Windows Store is not something that gamers like. Gamers are fine with the clients that they are used to using and there are multiple issues with the Windows Store as it is.

Let us know what you think about Windows 10 Game Mode.