Street Fighter V Player Rewarded With Exclusive Crimson Chun-Li

If it wasn’t already evident, Capcom holds great love for the competitive scene of Street Fighter V. What could be the beginning of a new tradition, the developer has begun handing out exclusive rewards to commemorate the achievements of the best players around.

YamadaTaro, one of the highest ranked Chun-Li players in the world, recently dominated the RAGE Master League of Japan. For his efforts, Capcom has granted him an exclusive one-of-a-kind Chun-Li color that paints her default attire in crimson. The first female fighter of the franchise also gets glowing red eyes, which only makes her look more formidable despite recent balance changes.

The exclusive color can be viewed by everyone. All you have to do is track down his replays and see her new crimson attire in action.

While there is no confirmation, it is safe to assume that no one else from the Street Fighter V community will ever get hold of the color. Unless, of course, Capcom surprises everyone by releasing it with a future patch.

The latest fan-move from the developer raises the question of whether upcoming events will also feature such exclusive attire for winners.

In other news, the Street Fighter V servers will be brought down on March 7 for a lengthy maintenance period. According to the announcement, the servers will be down for at least eight hours. Such a large downtime suggests that the game could be being prepped for a major patch.

Recently, it was revealed that Capcom was originally interested in taking the opportunity of Street Fighter V to evolve its character designs by making them more realistic. However, the human-like anatomical proportions made it incredibly hard for players to follow what was happening on the screen. As a result, the developer was forced to bring back the older design to protect the two-dimensional gameplay aspect of Street Fighter V.