Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Leaked Trailer Screenshots Show A Dragon In The Game

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War trailer screenshots may have just been leaked and it seems that there is something to do with a dragon. The trailer was put online due to an internal error but has been removed since. As this is the internet and nothing can be hidden we have some screenshots of the trailer.

As of right now, we do not know whether the dragon is just there in the trailer to make it all the better or it will be there in the game and we will be able to ride it. It will be interesting if players had the option and that would make players like the Nazgul.

Shadow of War

The trailer shows the protagonist having a fight with a troll. The dragon has also been included in the $200 mithril edition so there might be a part for the dragon in the game that we do not know of at the moment.

The trailer will be shown off on 8th, we will also be able to check out some gameplay then.

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Shadow of War

It could be possible that the game will be like the canceled Scalebound, which could be interesting. The fans have been waiting for a second installment of the game for some time now and the official game teaser was released after the game was leaked on Target.

Shadow of War

The company may have thought that it was best to unveil the game now that the word was already out. And it was a good move, at least that is what I think. I have to say that there is a huge gap between now and when the game is coming out.

We will need some details regarding the game in this time frame in order to keep people hyped.

Shadow of War

Let us know what you think about Middle-Earth: Shadow of War and whether or not you will be buying the game.