Overwatch Bug Allows Reinhardt to Attack With Shields

There is a new Overwatch bug in town that gives Reinhardt the complete freedom of moving and attacking at will, while his Barrier Field is up.

The ability is originally coded to project a forward-facing energy shield that absorbs incoming damage until it is destroyed. While a well-placed Barrier Field helps Reinhardt and his allies to protect themselves from sustaining damage, he is unable to attack while the shield is up.

Hence, imagine the surprise on the faces of several Overwatch players when they recently came across a Reinhardt that was flinging flaming projectiles from behind the safety of his Barrier Field.

In addition, the same bug ignores the cooldown duration of the ability, allowing Reinhardt to keep his shield up at all times.

According to reports, the bug lasts until the end of a round after being enabled. While some have stated that the shield bug is only doable on Ilios, others have confirmed that they were able to replicate it on other maps as well such as Nepal’s Sanctum.

Details are sketchy on how the bug is triggered. Apparently, it has something to do with mashing abilities too quickly. One user stated that he charged out of the spawn into the side of the stairs and right-clicked the instance he hit the wall. Doing so granted Reinhardt a permanent shield.

Blizzard is likely to squash this bug soon, either with a hot-fix or the next patch.

Elsewhere, the weekend saw players discover a major bug on the Public Test Region (PTR) which concerns the ultimate ability of Orisa. Her Supercharger falls through the environment when placed on stairs. Despite hidden from view, the device still continues to reward allies with the 50 percent damage boost.

Blizzard is yet to officially acknowledge the bug but we should be hearing from the developer this week.