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Orisa’s Supercharger Bug Discovered on Overwatch PTR

A major bug has been discovered on the Overwatch Public Test Region (PTR) which concerns the ultimate ability of Orisa, the latest hero for the roster.

When placed on the ground, Supercharger offers a massive 50 percent damage boost to all allies who remain in the device’s line-of-sight. As far as the opposing side is concerned, it must destroy the Supercharger as quickly as possible or else be overwhelmed with a barrage of powerful attacks.

However, the bug guarantees that the Supercharger is not targeted by enemies at all. As discovered by a user, the Supercharger falls through the environment when placed on stairs. The device, however, is still active and continues to reward allies with the damage boost. With just a minor portion sticking out of the ground, it makes it nearly impossible for enemy players to target the device and destroy it with ease.

A number of Overwatch maps feature stairs that mostly lead into narrow corridors and choke points. It is important that Blizzard addresses the problem before Orisa hits live servers or else every team will be abusing the bug for an unfair advantage.

Blizzard is yet to officially acknowledge the bug but we should be hearing from the developer this week.

Orisa was announced last week as the new tank-creation of Efi Oladele. She is an advanced version of the OR-15 robots and features powerful abilities to aid her allies.

In addition to her fusion driver machine gun, Orisa is able to project a shield to help protect her teammates. There’s also the “Forify” ability which reduces incoming damage and a nifty “Halt!” ability that pulls enemy targets like rag-dolls.

Sadly, her announcement confirmed that the community will have to wait further to see the inclusion of Doomfist, who is being developed into an arch-villain of the Overwatch universe.