Origen’s League of Legends Future at Stake, Despite xPeke’s Return

Despite its best efforts, Origen refuses to budge from its last standing in the official League of Legends rankings of the ongoing Spring Split.

Pitted against Misfits over the weekend, Origen was given another opportunity to earn its first victory in the European League Championship Series (EU LCS). The bout carried significance for the team due to another factor as well, which was the return of its founder Enrique “xPeke” Cedeño Martínez in competitive play.

Revered as the former star mid-laner for Fnatic, xPeke surprised everyone by making his debut at support. His new undertaking was the result of former member Aleksi “Hiiva” Kaikkonen making an exit last week. It may seem like xPeke was forced to fill the empty slot but the management stated otherwise.

“The goal is not to keep xPeke for support for a long time,” said Origen in a statement. “We have done some tryouts and we have several players in mind but, being in the middle of a split, it is very complicated to get the moves that we would like.”

His return brought a bit of excitement for the League of Legends community but for Origen, it hardly affected the results. Misfits cleaned house in both games to further stretch Origen’s losing streak to the longest yet in the history of EU LCS.

“We know that Origen is not in the situation that we would like,” said Origen, “but we are working hard to reverse the situation as much as possible and build a competitive team again.”

Currently, it stands at 0-7 and is likely to face relegation in the end. The only other team in a similar precarious position is Team Vitality with a tally of 1-7. There is a slight glimmer of hope for Origen to make a last-minute comeback and escape relegation. However, for that to happen, Origen must start winning and now.