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For Honor Season Pass Leak Gives First Look At Two New Characters

If this latest For Honor season pass leak is true, we already have our first look at two of the upcoming heroes in the game as part of total 6 new hero lineup.

As shared on reddit by user Bones404, For Honor season pass leak shows Ninja and Centurion heroes which will be joining the game’s already 12 hero roster as part of the Samurai and Knights faction respectively.

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Like most of the other knights, Centurion wears heavy armor while Ninja is seems to be wearing slight medium armor like the Peacekeeper and armed with dual scythe like blades or kusarigama. There is no information regarding Centurion’s weapon.

For Honor season pass leak

There is no exact date on the release of these playable heroes of whether they will be released alongside each other or not.

Since there are three factions in the game, it wouldn’t make sense to release characters for two factions instead of all of them.

However, if every faction got a new character in the first DLC, the season pass content will be finished with just two DLCs instead of running for an entire year like Rainbow Six Siege.

The next season of For Honor’s Faction War is set to start in mid-April so it is possible that at least one of these heroes from the For Honor season pass leak will launch alongside the new season.

Ubisoft has previously promised that the new season will have two new maps and other additions to the game.

Season Pass owners will get one week early access to the DLC characters, whenever they get released. After one week, the characters will be free for everyone although regular players might have to grind a bit to unlock them.

For Honor is currently available on PS4, Xbox One and PC, with a somewhat rocky launch. The season pass for the game can be purchased for $30 although all characters and maps will be free for everyone.