Destiny Age of Triumph Could Possibly Bring Back Old Raids For Current Light Levels

According to Bungie’s latest blogpost regarding Destiny Age of Triumph event, it seems like old raids from Year 1 of the game might be returning soon.

The request for old raids with increased difficulty for the current Light Levels has been ongoing ever since Year 2 of Bungie’s popular shooter started. The Destiny Age of Triumph event seems to be the answer to all those requests.

The images shared in the blogpost seem to point towards Vault of Glass, the very first raid which the game received after its launch. The image shows a Vex Minotaur standing in front of the entrance of the Vault of Glass.

This isn’t the only teaser Bungie has released regarding the return of old raids as a previous image teased a Hunter wearing an armor set that looked the set which used to drop from Vault of Glass raid back in Year 1.

Considering how Destiny is about to cease further development and Age of Triumph is the last event the game will have before the launch of Destiny 2 later this year, it makes sense for Bungie to reward long time followers with the return of a fan-favorite raid.

Vault of Glass isn’t the only possible raid getting an upgraded version however, as more teased images suggest Crota’s End, King’s Fall and Wrath of the Machine will also make a comeback.

The Destiny Age of Triumph blogpost has an image of a crest, with symbols for the four raids mentioned above. It is also possible that these new and updated raids will also tie-in with the game’s record book system.

Bungie has a Twitch livestream scheduled for 8th March so it is highly likely the developers will reveal more details and an official confirmation regarding the return of these raids during the livestream.

Destiny Age of Triumph is set to begin at the end of March.