Shen’s Ultimate Due for Nerf in League of Legends Patch 7.6

The next League of Legends patch will sap some power out of Shen’s ultimate ability to make the champion more balanced for both solo and organized gameplay.

As it is, the Eye of Twilight enjoys great presence on the Rift, especially when he is part of a pre-made setup. However, Shen executing his R (Stand United) to provide global utility is also proving to be too overwhelming when he is playing solo.

Posting on the official forums, lead gameplay designer Riot Meddler noted that the upcoming nerf is not based on professional play. Rather it is for the benefit of a healthy competitive environment.

“Tough case because he’s out of line specifically for organized teams (not just in pro, though that’s the most visible case of course),” he said. “Currently looking at pulling power out of his ult which is where the difference in effectiveness for those different contexts lies with ongoing discussion as to what changes we could make to make him closer to balanced for both solo queue and organized teams at the same time.”

Without mentioning what kind of nerf Shen is looking at, we’re assuming that Riot Games will be reducing the amount of shield that arrives for allied champions. Either that or the cooldown will be increased to lessen his global presence on the map.

Elsewhere, the developer believes that Quinn is still too powerful in the game despite the recent changes to Edge of Night and Ghostblade. Hence, the next League of Legends patch will look into her power levels as well.

In addition, some minor love is inbound for Morgana and Cho’Gath. Following the Assassins Update, Lissandra is doing pretty okay in the current meta but she could do better. The next patch will make her passive (Iceborn) “more satisfying” and introduce possible buffs.