Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer Will Have Player-To-Player Connectivity

It’s been common knowledge for a while now that Mass Effect Andromeda multiplayer would be a part of BioWare’s upcoming Mass Effect title. However, now with the game getting closer to release, BioWare is releasing more details about it. Mainly, that it will be using player-to-player connectivity, rather than dedicated servers.

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Player-to-player connectivity normally relies on the internet connection of the game’s host to run smoothly; if the host disconnects, the game will end due to it losing connectivity with the host. For Honor had a similar problem last week. Normally most multiplayer games get around this problem with dedicated servers. However, Mass Effect Andromeda multiplayer won’t have dedicated servers.

Dedicated servers also help games to avoid hackers and cheaters, however considering that Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer was a cooperative horde mode, there likely won’t be any concern over that. All the same, even with this announcement we still know very little about the multiplayer of the new game.

This is even more puzzling considering Electronic Arts, BioWare’s publisher, uses dedicated servers for its sports games. Considering that shooters can be just as intense and fast-paced as sports games (if not more so), it’s a puzzling thing for why they aren’t using that infrastructure for Andromeda.

BioWare has dropped a few screenshots over the past few days about the game’s multiplayer, allowing players to pick male and female versions of all of the game’s classes (where applicable). We still don’t know anything about the multiplayer’s gameplay, or how players can pick characters, but hopefully in the next few weeks BioWare will reveal more.

Either way, hopefully Mass Effect Andromeda’s multiplayer will be played just as much as Mass Effect 3’s, and EA and BioWare have already thought of everything they can to make it as good of an experience as possible.