Mass Effect Andromeda Exploration Detailed In New Video

A new Mass Effect Andromeda exploration video has shown off the exploration systems that players are going to be working with as they explore the Heleus Cluster in BioWare’s upcoming Mass Effect game. The video includes mining, spaceflight, exploration, and planetary exploration in the Nomad vehicle, along with world progression.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition gave us some insight into how BioWare’s own model of exploration would work.

Its wide-open areas were filled with quests and locations (along with a small number of structures where you could set up base camps or take over fortresses to serve as rest spots.)

Mass Effect Andromeda’s own planetary exploration mechanic will take a leaf out of Inquisition’s book, though likely not nearly as tedious to explore, especially when it comes to Mass Effect 1’s planetary exploration mechanic.

Players will be able to set down on a certain number of planets, many of which have their own environmental hazards and challenges.

The Mass Effect Andromeda exploration video gives us the example of the planet Elaaden.

Elaaden was supposed to be the homeworld of the Andromeda Initiative’s krogan, but has been turned into a nearly inhospitable desert. Its extreme heat also presents a danger to the Pathfinder team as they travel its surface.

To increase the habitability of these planets, players will have to deal with threats, build relations with the settlers, and set down Forward Stations, which can help resupply and heal you while traveling.

Helping build up the habitability of these planets will give birth to Outposts, the start of civilization on these worlds.

The Mass Effect Andromeda exploration video is only part of what we’ll be seeing right up to the release of the game. Mass Effect Andromeda will be releasing on March 21 on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC. To see more of what the exploration video actually covers, you can find it further up this article.