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Popular League of Legends Script-Maker Shutdown, Must Pay $10 Million Fine

The court has ruled in favor of Riot Games, slamming a popular League of Legends scripting website with a hefty fine for conducting damaging services.

LeagueSharp has for long been behind a subscription-based illegitimate system, granting members unfair advantage in League of Legends. Its third-party programs inject various kinds of scripts and hacks that fool anti-cheat measures put up by Riot Games for its free-to-play title.

In August, the developer filed a lawsuit against the company and its three founders for violating the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) of League of Legends. It took seven months for the United States court to sign off on a settlement injunction, awarding a $10 million payout and control of all websites under LeagueSharp to Riot Games.

Besides the scripting and hacking claims, the lawsuit filed by Riot Games also alleged that LeagueSharp “attacked its servers” at multiple occasions and “leaked private information” about its employees.

According to a press release, LeagueSharp offered its services to League of Legends players for $15 a month. There was also a $50 monthly subscription which gave players access to a “botting service” that allowed them to “automate multiple accounts simultaneously”.

Selling League of Legends accounts is big business. Such botting services allow people to level up multiple accounts by having the AI spam games back-to-back. This hampers the gameplay experience of legitimate players who get matched into such games.

According to one report, LeagueSharp had a massive number of subscribers and was raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue every month.

The court ruling is a major victory for not only Riot Games but also other developers who too suffer at the hands of cheats and hacks. In the case of Valve, it has created its own AI that uses complex machine-learning to catch illegal third-party injection in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.