The Division Dedicated Microtransaction Shop In-game, You Can Buy Premium Skins, Backpacks, Clothes, Emotes

You all may remember that the developers behind The Division said that there would be no microtransactions in the game. Much has changed since the game launched and I guess same can be said about the developers resolve as there is now a dedicated microtransaction shop in-game.

Even though microtransactions aren’t something new to the game as you could buy premium items from the Uplay store but now there is an actual area in the game that is dedicated for this purpose. At the dedicated microtransaction shop, you can buy skins for guns, backpacks and emotes.

Dedicated Microtransaction Shop

The vendor has been introduced in The Division Update 1.6, premium items can range from $5 to $10. While this is something that is not surprising as the game developers have to make money on the side as well considering how The Division is a title that did not do too well, I can image that some people will feel cheated that the developers went back on their word.

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Items can be purchased from premium credits which you can get from actual money from Uplay Store, Steam Store, PlayStation Store, and Xbox Game Store. It is important to note here that the items that you can buy from the vendor do not affect the actual balance of the game and you will have no advantage in the game over other players.

Dedicated Microtransaction Shop

These items are just for aesthetics and nothing more. This trend of microtransactions is becoming increasingly common even in the game that cost as much as $60. While there are those that think that this should not be something in games that cost so much, there are others that appear to be interested in the items that you can buy as buying these items gives them bragging rights.

Let us know what you think about the dedicated microtransaction shop in The Division.