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No Man’s Sky Development Was Like Building A Rocketship, Says Sean Murray

No Man’s Sky was one of the most hyped games of 2016 partly due to its vastness and the procedurally generated game world. Just recently, game’s creator Sean Murray gave talk at GDC 2017 about building game-world using procedural generation and also talked about the development of No Man’s Sky.

According to Sean Murray, he just wanted to write something different and started to work on a new game engine for the No Man’s Sky

I just wanted to sit down and write something completely different. Mainly, selfishly, because I just thought of the things I wanted to learn about, and then I started to write an engine that had those things in, I guess.

He added that working on the game engine was fun for him as he wrote the code for his engine day and night and then things changed when the first trailer for the game was showcased.

hen we showed it, we showed the first trailer, and from then on it was like, it was like we were building a rocketship on the way up, like, to the sun, being fired into the sun with the skin burning from our faces, right? It was like, it was a bit of a rollercoaster ride from then on. But at the start it was genuinely just a hobby and something super enjoyable.

While No Man’s Sky was a fun little experiment for Hello Games the studio currently has another procedurally generated game in development. Sean Murray revealed that Hello Games is working on another game.

No Man’s Sky is a first-person action-adventure game developed by Hello Games for PC and PlayStation 4.