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The Secret Behind The Sound Effects And Voice Acting In Battlefield 1 Revealed By Developers

World War I was living hell, especially for people that lived through it. It is not something that can be recreated easily and it is not easy for people today to express the same level of emotion of what a soldier would have felt back then.

This is something that has been almost perfectly mirrored in Battlefield 1.

Battlefield 1 imitates the times and incidents of World War 1 beautifully all the way from the story to each and every reload.

It is safe to say that the minor things matter here and it is because of these small effects and graphics that the game feels so realistic.

The development team shared details regarding how they were able to replicate these effects and emotions and I thought that this would be something interesting to share with you guys. According to Andreas Almström, lead sound designer on Battlefield 1:

“To keep [actors] coherent in terms of direction and performance, Victor, our voiceover designer, had to sort of devise a new method with very specific requirements on the actors’ performance so that the localization. It’s essentially backpacks full of weights that we put on the actors, and then we have a cinderblock, and we just launch them between the actors when they’re delivering lines. There are more nuances, it should actually be its own talk because it’s really, really cool,”

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Battlefield 1

This is clearly an unorthodox way of making a game and making actors play their roles but it seems that this method has paid off and everyone who has played the game will approve.

The team also showed a video detailing how they were able to record effects when it came to shots fired and different vehicles and guns. You can check out the video below.

“This creates physical strain and labor, and that fits our world completely perfectly, since in Battlefield, ninety-nine percent of the time people are running around, vaulting, throwing hand grenades and shouting. So it makes little sense for us not to have physicality involved in the actual performance.”

Battlefield 1 is more than just a game, it is based on actual events that took place. The game shows what happened in the great war and tells us the different stories fo characters and makes us feel what they felt in that situation. All things considered, I would say that this is not just a game but a piece of art on its own.

“Bad Company [1] was primarily done for the new generation of consoles … and we knew it was going to be played back from TVs. We wanted our game to feel loud and violent on a small, crappy TV speaker with a very limited dynamic range. Our main inspiration was YouTube. There was a lot of combat footage on YouTube and on the news from the war in Iraq, and that sounded just crazy loud and intense and chaotic and scary. And also it didn’t sound like any film we’d ever heard.”

The developers never really stressed the importance of sound in the previous installments of battlefield and we can see here that a lot of time and effort has been put into the sound effects and voice acting and it has all paid off in the end as it has left a lasting impact on gamers all over the world that have played the game and loved it.

“Battlefield 4 … we felt it needed a bit more edge to it. More brutality. So we started applying stricter rules to the sound design process. We’d been analyzing Battlefield 3 a lot, and felt that one thing that could throw off the balance sometimes was unnecessary use of bass or low frequencies in sounds that didn’t require it. We felt that in Battlefield, bass is the currency of power, so we must spend it carefully.

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In order to make the game realistic there had to be great voice acting and sound but the team found themselves without enough reference material and the only references that they had were in form of letters or in other forms of these. This was something that made the task at hand very difficult indeed but the team did not give up their efforts and strived for authenticity.

Battlefield 1

“We had no real sound cliches that we could use, as like radio communication which is an instant mood setter, you can always tell by the radio chatter if it’s World War II, or a modern conflict. These things are super established in films. But we had nothing. There are the typical M1 tanks with the turbine engines, we had no WW2 Stukas, no missiles, no electronic targeting systems, no Kevlar, no velcro, no helicopters, no Jimi Hendrix. There was nothing. We felt a bit on our own. The one thing that we did know through market research was that the preconception about World War I is that it must be super slow, super boring, and mustard gas, trench foot, agony, just the worst things. So we felt that we had a chance to redefine that.”

We all know what the end result is and how great of a game Battlefield 1 turned out to be. Hats off to the development team that put so much effort into making the game as realistic and authentic for the players that played it.

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