Was Galio Always This Colossal in League of Legends?

A beautiful teaser for the upcoming rework of Galio was released earlier today, signaling a new dawn for the outdated League of Legends champion.

Based on his current lore, Galio was forged through magic to act as a personal guardian to an artificer named Durand. Constructed in the image of a gargoyle, the pile of mortar and life kept his creator safe from dangers when he was on the road. That is until a well-planned ambush by the Noxian High Command managed to assassinate Durand.

According to the teaser, the rework isn’t the only massive aspect for Galio. The champion himself is shown as a towering colossal, who could destroy a town by accidentally stepping over, much less protect it from imminent danger.

This probably means that a new lore is part of Galio’s rework, explaining how he came to be. At present, League of Legends only features Malphite as a champion in terms of similar size and scale. The Shard of the Monolith is pretty much a walking mountain, and is also due for a major overhaul sometime in the future.

It was about six months ago when Riot Games announced that Galio was being prepared for a rework. The developer later confirmed that the new and improved stone guardian would release for League of Legends right after the rework of Warwick, which arrived at the start of the year.

Galio was released over six years ago and has remained the same throughout. His kit is incredibly lackluster when compared to newer champions, and boring when considering his theme.

Previously, Riot Games stated that “Galio will likely be our largest transformation to date”. The developer has also promised that Gatekeeper Galio, the champion’s legendary skin and one of the first ones to hit the game, will also be shown some extra love.

The Public Beta Environment (PBE) should be getting an update soon.