Checkout Final Fantasy XV Running On A GTX 1080Ti

Final Fantasy XV game director, Hajime Tabata, has many times expressed his desire for porting Final Fantasy XV to PC to showcase the game’s technical capabilities. While there is no sign that Final Fantasy XV will be ported to PC but during GDC 2017 Tabata showcased a series of game’s technical experiments running on recently announced GTX 1080Ti.

The video showcases the Final Fantasy XV’s technical experiments on the Luminous Studio Pro engine in collaboration with Nvidia Game Works and they look just amazing.

It is important to mention that the video does not showcase Final Fantasy 15’s development on PC but it is just a technical test for future implications. Despite Tabata’s ambition to bring the game to PC, there is no confirmation that it will be ported to PC.

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According to Hajime Tabata, he would absolutely love to bring the game to PC but only to show its technical capabilities and to showcase the game running on high-end systems.

I’d like to release the game on PC as a technical attempt. I want to show PC users Final Fantasy XV running on high-end machines, and we personally would like to see it, too. Also, I would like to try developing on PC to pursue a unique way of playing with PC-exclusive features like making your own quests and enjoying the world using things like mods.

Final Fantasy XV is an open-world action adventure game developed by Square Enix for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.