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Doomfist Is Being Built as Major Overwatch Villain, Will Arrive Eventually

Last night’s announcement has left the Overwatch community both excited and disappointed. There is excitement in the confirmation of Orisa, the new hero to grace the roster. However, there is also disappointment because many thought that they would finally be seeing Doomfist.

When an “unidentified assailant” stole Doomfist’s gauntlet last week to attack the Numbani International Airport, the community took the event as confirmation of the character’s existence. The high expectations, though, were shattered upon the announcement of Orisa.

So does this mean that Doomfist is simply a name in the game’s lore? Not really. As it turns out, Blizzard is building Doomfist as a major villain in Overwatch.

Efi Oladele created Orisa as an advanced version of the OR-15 robots to withstand the power of Doomfist, as the 11-year-old inventor explains in the origin story below.

If the gauntlet is really that powerful, Orisa may even need additional help to confront the mysterious antagonist. Hence, it is possible that Blizzard may announce another hero, or two, before all the set pieces are in place for Doomfist’s arrival.

With his gauntlet stolen, the only remaining reference to Doomfist is the poster located in the Numbani stage. Perhaps we will see the poster involved in a future event in some manner. Either way, one thing is certain, Doomfist isn’t done. We’re likely going to hear about more chaos and damage done with the gauntlet in the coming days.

As for Orisa, she is a powerful combatant with a lot of cool abilities. In addition to her fusion driver machine gun, Orisa is able to project a shield to help protect her teammates. There’s also the “Forify” ability which reduces incoming damage and a nifty “Halt!” ability that pulls enemies. Her ultimate ability is a supercharger that helps power the damage that allies deal in her line of sight.