Sony Needs to Approve Custom Lobby Names for Overwatch PS4

As previously promised, Blizzard introduced a Game Browser yesterday to Overwatch across all three PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms.

However, PlayStation 4 players are prohibited from renaming their custom games. This leads to tremendous confusion because every game in the lobby appears identical to one another, showing up as just a list of player-names.

On Xbox One and PC, the Overwatch community has the ability to assign unique names to their games to reflect what modes and customization aspects to expect. There is no such freedom on PlayStation 4, making it impossible to distinguish between modes without actually playing them.

According to game director Jeff Kaplan, the shortcoming is from the side of Sony and not Blizzard. The Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation must approve the feature before it is released on the console.

“We will add the ability for you to name your Custom Game on PS4,” he wrote on the official forums. “There is just some additional work we need to do in order to be compliant with Playstation’s user generated content naming policy.”

As such, custom names are coming for PlayStation 4. it just depends on how soon Sony can sign off on the approval.

Unsurprisingly, there is a massive lack of activity in the custom lobbies of Overwatch on PlayStation 4. Those who do enter have to wait absurd times before playing. After all, no one is interested in joining random lobbies and hoping that it features the same custom game mode they were looking for.

The Overwatch Game Browser on PlayStation 4 is a mess right now but Blizzard is confident that it will change soon. Unfortunately, there is no way of putting an official timeline for the arrival of custom lobby names on the console.

The highly anticipated Patch 1.8 finally went live for Overwatch earlier this week, bringing a slew of changes across the board. Majority of heroes on the roster have been tweaked, with Bastion getting a full rework. In addition, the competitive rules have been adjusted for the new season four.