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Polaris 10-based RX 500 Series GPUs Coming April 4th, Slightly More Than A Straight Rebrand Of RX 400 Series

We heard about RX 500 series GPUs and we thought that these would be the upcoming AMD Vega GPUs but at GDC it was confirmed that this was not the name for the Vega GPUs and that they would, in fact, be branded as AMD Radeon RX Vega instead of a number.

Although as of right now we do not know whether AMD Radeon RX Vega will be a single GPU or a series of GPU but we do know what RX 500 series will be something else entirely. New reports claim that the RX 500 series GPU will be rebranded RX 400 series GPUs with minor overclocks which will give a small increase in performance as compared to the previous 400 series versions.

Keeping that in mind the RX 580 will be a rebrand of the RX 480 with a minor overclock of 1340 MHz (74 MHz increase as compared to the reference RX 480). Similarly, the RX 570 will be a rebranded version of the RX 470 with a minor 38 MHz increase in frequency over what we currently have.

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RX 500

Word also has it that there will be some Polaris 12 GPUs coming out and these will be lower-end entry-level GPUs below the Polaris 11 GPUs.

Although this is disappointing it is no surprise as we have seen such practices from AMD previously as well.

Also with AMD Vega GPUs coming out to take the higher-level market, AMD will have a complete line of GPUs in 2017. AMD GPUs will range from low-end Polaris 12 GPUs and mid range RX 500 series to high-end AMD Vega GPUs.

Ryzen is also coming out soon and it will be interesting to see how Intel is going to counter this new threat in the market. Until now the RX 500 series rumor is the only disappointing news that we have got from AMD this year. Let’s see where the red team goes from there.