Nintendo Switch Paid Services Starting Autumn In Australia And Spring In The Northern Hemisphere

Like the PlayStation and Xbox, Nintendo will be introducing Nintendo Switch Paid Services of their own and they are pretty similar to what we have seen on other consoles. 

Nintendo Switch Paid Services will be coming to Australia in Autumn and in Spring for the northern hemisphere.

Nintendo Switch Paid Services

We have some screenshots regarding the Nintendo Switch Paid Services and we thought we should share them with you. Users will be able to add friends through the app and will also be able to purchase and download games from the online store.

Nintendo Switch Paid Services

An important thing to note here is that the Nintendo Switch only comes with 32 GB of internal storage and only 26 GB of that is actually usable.

If you are going to be purchasing games online then you will be better off buying a memory card well in advance as games like Zelda: Breath of the Wild will need more space than what you get out of the box.

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Nintendo Switch Paid Services

Furthermore, if you do opt for these Nintendo Switch paid services you will be able to get some discounts on purchases as well as some free games that you can play each month.

This is similar to what we have seen with games with gold from Xbox. 

Nintendo Switch Paid Services

Nintendo Switch paid services will also allow users to stay up to date with the latest news and trending topics regarding the platform and besides that players will also be able to share a screenshot of in-game action.

As of right now, players will only have the option of sharing still shots but later down the line, the option of sharing videos will also be introduced. It will be interesting to see how Nintendo will differentiate their platform from the competition.

Let us know what you think about Nintendo Switch paid services.