New Playstation Store Promotion Offers 10 Dollar Voucher For 50 Dollar Purchase

A new Playstation Store promotion has just been announced by the official Playstation blog, offering a cashback deal all through March. G

amers on the Playstation will be able to get a 10 euro (or regional equivalent) voucher if they spend 50 euros on a purchase, and will receive the vouchers in April.

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That means if, sometime this month, you buy Horizon Zero Dawn, Mass Effect: Andromeda, or some other 50 dollar game coming out this month (or just a number of cheaper games that total up to 50 dollars) you’ll get a 10 dollar voucher along with them for free.

However, you can’t abuse the system to get more than one voucher; only one will be sent out per eligible person.

While that may be a bummer, it can at least help to cut down the price of a game you buy later in the year, such as Persona 5 (coming out in April), a new Call of Duty game in November, or DLC from Battlefield 1 later this year.

You could even use it to get a game off the PS One Classics segment, or on your Vita or PSP if you still have one.

Along with the new Playstation Store promotion, until March 8, the Store is also having an EA Offers promotion and a Digital Discount promotion. With those two happening as well, there are bound to be plenty of games involved in those that can help you get more bang for your buck/euro/whatever currency you use.

And that’s not even going into the possibility of a Flash Sale popping up sometime this month. Even if it doesn’t come up at the same time as the other promotions, it could still help you get even more out of your money.

Remember, you can only get one voucher out of the new Playstation Store promotion, and you’ll be able to take advantage of it until the end of March.