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New GTA 5 Online Update Adds New Stunt Races, Offers Double Money, XP

A brand new GTA 5 Online update has been released onto Grand Theft Auto 5’s online component by Rockstar Games, giving players 15 new Cunning Stunts races to go through and also offering double money rewards and experience gain through March 7 on Stunt Races, both verified races and Rockstar-made race tracks.

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The event is called the “2017 GTA Online Stunt Race Event,” and aims to do things that Rockstar has never done before with the Cunning Stunts races that they’ve created.

Cunning Stunts is a racing mode in GTA Online that takes players through a variety of racetracks along a collection of different stunt-focused track segments.

These range from loop-the-loops to crossroads to gigantic ramps that can take players all over the place.

The fifteen new tracks that are in the new GTA 5 Online update do such things as having players drive up glass towers, plummet through clouds, dodge turbines, and crash through bowling pins on their way to the finish line, according to the event’s blurb.

The fifteen different races are as follows: Green Machine, In The City, Raton, Around The Docks, Pier Race, Big Drop, Trench 3, Spinner, 45 Degrees, Mountain Drop, Plummet 2, Big M, Lift Off, and Wall Climb.

While players play these maps and other stunt maps created or verified by Rockstar, they will gain double the amounts of money and experience they would normally get from the races.

Along with these new races, the various vehicles and clothes that players have gotten from the Cunning Stunts update when it first came out have been marked down by 25%, making them substantially cheaper than they were when they first came out.

So you can now by tattoos, clothing, and a number of vehicles for much less than they cost before.

The new GTA 5 Online update event is going to be running from today until March 7, so you’ve got all week to take part in it.