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Microsoft Begins Xbox Live Creators Program For Open Publishing

Aiming to counter the indie games that have been coming out on the Playstation 4 recently, Microsoft has begun its Xbox Live Creators Program.

The program will open the Xbox One up to anyone that wants to make a game for the Xbox One or Windows PC. The program will exist alongside ID@Xbox.

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Xbox has had a small indie game market for the past few years, and has since given out a number of interesting indie games, ranging from Super Time Force to Pit People and Below.

Previously the Xbox 360 had had an Indie Games section, though few of those were really of any good quality.

However, with the more widespread profiles of indie games now coming out, the Xbox Live Creators Program may yield better fruit.

With the program, anyone will be able to buy an Xbox, start it up, develop, and ship out a game for PC and Xbox One.

The Xbox Live Creators Program being coupled with ID@Xbox games indie developers that want to develop Xbox One games will be a vital part of helping indie games to be released onto major consoles.

With the Creators Program helping people develop games, and ID@Xbox helping them to be published, we’ll likely be getting a number of new indie games on the Xbox Store in the next few months or the next year.

However, the program will have limits. Developers will have to use the Unified Windows Platform developer software, and games they develop won’t be able to have multiplayer, achievements, or gamerscore.

Developers will also have to pay a one-time fee to be a part of the program that can range from 20 dollars to 100 dollars.

Developing better games will also require a hardware-based SDK, which can only be gained by applying to ID@Xbox or working with a third-party publisher.

The games that are made as a result will go in a special “Creators” section of the Xbox One store, and will also be quality-controlled to avoid games that are inappropriate or harmful in content.