Horizon Zero Dawn Flashpoint Choices Guide – Confront, Insight, Compassion

In Horizon Zero Dawn, there are times when you need to make emotional choices. These emotional choices are called Horizon Zero Dawn Flashpoint Choices (not from The Flash) and throughout the game, there are a number scenes where you need to make hard decisions.

Following Horizon Zero Dawn Flashpoint Choices guide will help you figure out the best choices for the player.

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Horizon Zero Dawn Flashpoint Choices Guide

There are three options to choose from every time a Flashpoint choice presents itself. The result of your choice will have an impact on how the situation turns out for Aloy. You can go with Confront, Insight or Compassion.

Depending on your choice, Aloy can go violent, deal the situation with compassion, or think of a middle ground. Keep in mind that these choices are strictly for RPG gameplay and not for developing a better connection with Aloy.

Horizon Zero Dawn Flashpoint Choices

Horizon Zero Dawn – Bast Flashpoint
The first choice you will come across is near the beginning of the game when Bast hits you with a rock. You will have three choices in front of you. Confront means hitting him back with a rock on his head. Insight will make the rock hit his hand while compassion will make Aloy take the high road.

Your choice will have an impact on your next meeting with Bast years later.

Horizon Zero Dawn – Bast Flashpoint 2
The second time you meet Bast is at the Proving where you will once again have three choices. You can confront him and let him know that Aloy will win the contest. You can also show insight and tell him how he is afraid of losing to Aloy or show compassion tell him how about your feelings pity.

Horizon Zero Dawn – Rost Flashpoint
Another choice will present itself when Rost says goodbye to Aloy. Once again you will have three choices. Aloy can use insight to tell him that this meeting is not goodbye and you will find him wherever he is. The second choice you have is to confront that will result in a heated debate between the two characters.

In the end, Rost will leave with a frown on his face and Aloy standing theirs in anger and disappointment. The final choice you have is compassion, where Aloy will tell him how she understands and the situation at hand and she will always remember him.

Horizon Zero Dawn – Resh Flashpoint
At one point in Horizon Zero Dawn, you will have to ask Rest to open a gate which he will decline. From here, you will have three different choices. You can show compassion and call him out on discovering the memory of the dead. The second choice you have is insight which is kind of confrontation as Aloy tells him that he is a nobody which is going piss him off.

The final choice we have is a confrontation, where Aloy with threatening Resh. Keep in mind that all choices have an impact on your relationship with other characters, they do not have any impact on the outcome of the story.

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