AMD Ryzen Heatsink Pressure Problem? Is This Something You Should Be Worried About?

AMD Ryzen is coming out in a bit and there seems to some issue with the heatsink. Reports are coming in that there has been some communication issues between AMD and aftermarket cooler makers. It is possible that the motherboard you opted for may not have a proper heatsink mount. In that case, should this worry you?

The short and simple answer is no. When new products like these come out small problems like these are sure to happen. Even if you have pre-ordered an AMD Ryzen chip and you do get a problematic heatsink bracket then you can always report this issue to the motherboard manufacturer and you will be sent the proper mounting solution.

As of right now, we know that AMD Ryzen chips will not feature stock heat sinks like what we have previously seen and that makes sense as these initially releases CPUs are top of the line, enthusiast-grade 8 core, 16 thread CPUs.

If would not be wise trying to cool these with the stock cooler unless you get the AMD Wraith cooler that has been updated for AMD Ryzen. Which I think is not something you get out of the box.

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In a statement an AMD representative said:

“Our cooler works well and we have shared the platform design guide with NDA partners that includes the clamping force required to correctly mount coolers on the AM4 platform.”

AMD Ryzen

Even reviewers got third party coolers for the AMD Ryzen chips and no stock cooler was provided inside the box. The box only included the AMD Ryzen CPU, the Ryzen sticker as well as some instructions and precautions. That is pretty much it.

Let me tell you once again that even if you have pre-ordered an AMD Ryzen CPU then chances are that you are not going to have any sort of issue with the cooling solution.

Even if you do the issue can be resolved quickly by contacting the motherboard brand that you opted for and your problem will be sorted out as soon as possible.

Let us know what you think about this report regarding the AMD Ryzen chips.