Randy Pitchford Teases A New Borderlands Game At Epic Games Event

Randy Pitchford, the CEO of Gearbox Software, teased a new Borderlands game at an Epic Games event earlier today.

The Borderlands series is Gearbox’s flagship series, taking place on the lawless world of Pandora and known for its huge amount of different guns available for players to use.

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The last Gearbox-developed Borderlands game to come out was the “Pre-Sequel”, a game that took place before Borderlands 2.

Starring the second game’s antagonist, Handsome Jack, players played him and three other characters as he rose up the ranks of the Hyperion Corporation to become its CEO. A direct continuation from Borderlands 2, Tales from the Borderlands, was also developed by Telltale Games.

However, there was also other news on a non-Borderlands production. Pitchford’s announcement came on the heels of a tech demonstration for a next-gen game that he couldn’t name.

However, the demonstration video took place in a very Borderlands-type setting. He also said that the studio was working on a Borderlands game that would hopefully be revealed soon.

Where Gearbox will take the story with a new Borderlands game remains to be seen. However, now that Pandora is free of most of the corporations that took control of the planet before the start of the series, the stage appears to be set for all kinds of bandits like the ones we’ve fought throughout the series to take over.

The bandits, along with the Vaults that are hidden all across Pandora from whatever precursors built them, will give Gearbox plenty of ideas for new adventures. In those adventures, we’ll most likely encounter even more zany characters than who we’ve already seen, and hopefully future Borderlands games will be just as good as the ones before.

There’s no indication of when this new Borderlands game will be announced or released, but hopefully it’s going to be soon.