Zac Will Receive Slight Makeover From League of Legends Tank Update

Zac is third on a long list of champions that are being targeted by Riot Games for the mid-season League of Legends Tank Class Update.

Posting on the official boards, game designer Riot Shrieve pointed out that the green blog isn’t being prepared for a major overhaul. Compared to other Vanguards, Zac is in a fairly good state because his kit is not that lackluster on the Rift. Hence, the Secret Weapon will only receive a slight makeover.

The following aspects are what will not be changed in the upcoming League of Legends Tank Class Update:

  • Elastic Slingshot is a fun, satisfying spell that allows Zac to initiate from a lot of interesting angles and distances
  • Zac’s passive blob pickups creates a uniquely engaging way to sustain himself
  • Zac is the knockback and knockup Vanguard, a natural extension of his bouncy character
  • Cell Division (his revive passive) encourages Zac to utilize the long reach of his initiation to go deeper into the enemy team than other Vanguards

What Riot Games intends to do is give Zac more tactical options. At the end of the day, the champion uses all of his abilities in one short burst and is then left to spam Q (Stretching Strike) and W (Unstable Matter) for slight damage until the fight is over.

The mid-season update will grant him additional crowd-control abilities. This will not necessarily improve his damage but bring more purpose in every skirmish.

Furthermore, the developer is interested in changing Q (Stretching Strike) to match his stretchy theme. R (Let’s Bounce!) will also be tweaked to be more “unique, sticky, and bouncy.” Whatever that means.

In the past couple of weeks, Riot Games teased changes for Sejuani and Maokai. Sejuani will no longer rely on her ultimate ability alone. A balance will be struck in terms of both power and utility. This will come at a cost though, and Sejuani is being changed solely into a battle cruiser that does low damage.

Maokai, on the other hand, will receive subtle changes to his kit that will make for more meaningful decisions if players must optimize the champion’s abilities for greater impact. While testing is ongoing, the shift in the mastery curve will result in changes to how Maokai deals damage. The present aspect of a guaranteed damage output will cease to be.